Candace + Mike Engagement Session

The updates have been slow these last few weeks.  It’s not that things are slow, on the contrary life has been on the speed track the last few weeks.  I am now T-minus three weeks from the Virginia Bar exam.  On August 8th Sharyn and I will be moving up to the Alexandria / Falls Church, Virginia area where we will embark the next chapter in our lives.  Until then updates will be a little sparse but here are a few shots to quench your thirst.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on an engagement shoot with Candace + Mike.  Candace is one of the more energetic and loving girls you’ll come across.  She has also taken it upon herself to adopt my parents while we’re not around.

For this shoot we snuck around the woods near their place, in Cumming, GA (yeah that’s an oddball name of a city).  There’s a bit of a hidden gem in their neck of the woods, where a large stream comes across large rock formations that you can walk across. It was quite an adventure finding the location as there was a downpour shortly before the shoot and getting there involved crossing large stretches of mud and crossing another stream.  Sadly, I’m pretty sure Candace’s fancy shoes did not survive the day.

Well here are a few teaser shots from the Engagement photography session.  They are getting married next Summer.  From the looks of the planning process it seems like the wedding will be quite the bash.

An Engagement Shot in the woods with some Sunflare

I always try to incorporate sun flares into at least one of my shots.  In the shot above I scored a halo over Candace’s forehead as she was pulling back from a kiss.
An engagement session couple overlook the water during a long exposure shot

The shot above was taking with a slower shutter speed so that the water flow would come out as a silky effect.

candace sukotsky - Love it James! Great Work……Cute story it sound so organic and sweet. It was a great day at the waterfall. Fun times…..


stacy - nicley done… love your use of water


Angie - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! It means so much coming from you – since your work is so amazing!! I still have so much to learn — but I’m loving it so! The photo with the waterfall is incredible. I understand how to get the water that way, but where you telling the couple, “don’t move a muscle?” :)


Allen - Great engagement photos James, the second one is my favorite – I know the couple loved them all :)


James - @ Angie. Thanks for dropping on by. As for the picture with the rushing water. I was standing on a make shift bridge out of plywood which was not stable in the least. That shot was taken at 1/13 sec at f/ 20. So it was not a terribly long exposure but to help freeze the subjects I fired off the flash. Had I had a tripod and some slightly better positioning I might have tried something closer to a 1/2 second exposure to get an even silkier effect of the rushing water.


Sire - Loved the shot with the flowing water, slowing down the shutter speed really gave it a nice effect.


Laura - Just started looking at the site. You take some seriously beautiful pictures. I love this shoot a lot because her dress looks totally different in each one. Its very down to earth and beautiful. Love it!


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